Crossing Northern Finland

 A trip for those who love open spaces, tranquility and authenticity. Every day, exciting adventure activities and/or time to relax is possible, from hot saunas to wild swimming in lakes under the midnight sun, Explore the heart of Eastern Finland and Lapland, from Kaajani to Inari and discover a paradise of forests, hills and lakes which run along the russian border. You will have the opportunity to try canoeing, fishing, hiking and to observe arctics animals. Our traditional style accommodation options allow you to holiday the finnish way!


  • Day 1 Welcome to Finland

    Welcome to Finland Collect your rental car from Kaajani airport, its a scenic drive to Kuhmo where your accommodation is.

    Accommodation: Hotel
    Transport: 60 miles (100km)

  • Day 2 Kuhmo

    Kuhmo The next two days of this itinerary are dedicated to exploring the area and you will have the opportunity to try local activities such as hiking, canoeing, cultural or natural visits… There is a nearby spa you have access to where you can relax and enjoy the sauna or jacuzzi.

    Accommodation: Hotel

  • Day 3 Kuhmo

    Kuhmo The next two days of this itinerary are dedicated to exploring the area and you will have the opportunity to try local activities such as hiking, canoeing, cultural or natural visits… There is a nearby spa you have access to where you can relax and enjoy the sauna or jacuzzi.

    Accommodation: Hotel

  • Day 4 Kuhmo / Oulanka

    Kuhmo / Oulanka Today, we recommend driving northwards. On route you will see Ruka, a famous ski station known for its ski jumping. The road continues to Oulanka National Park which is known for its canyon, rivers and supension bridges. There are fantastic hikings trails here which cover the whole park named the Karrunkierros or the bear trek. You will stay in this area for a few days.

    Accommodation: Hostel
    Transport: 140 miles (230km)

  • Day 5 Oulanka

    Oulanka Explore this paradise of rivers, canyons and suspension bridges; go hiking, rafting and climbing!

    Accommodation: Hostel

  • Day 6 Oulanka

    Oulanka There are lots of activities to try in Oulanka park and its surrounding area... There are rapids with grades 1-4 (beginner to expert) so everyone can try rafting, canoeing or kayaking.

    Accommodation: Hostel

  • Day 7 Oulanka / Sodankylä

    Oulanka / Sodankylä If you continue your journey northwards, you can cross the Arctic circle. The hilly region of Sodankylä is beautiful, the altitude does not exceed 400 metres except Mount Luosto, a protected area located in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

    Accommodation: Cabin
    Transport: 200 miles (330 km)

  • Day 8 Sodankylä

    Sodankylä Sodankylä is a peaceful place where you can enjoy different activities like hiking, fishing and mountain biking or bird watching and canoeing.

    Accommodation: Cabin

  • Day 9 Sodankylä / Inari

    Sodankylä / Inari Last step northwards to the even hillier region of Inari where some summits exceed 700 metres. On the way we recommend visiting the dynamic village of Saariselka and Urho Kekkonen National Park where you can find lots of Arctic Nature.

    Accommodation: Cabin
    Transport: 120 miles (200 km)

  • Day 10 Inari

    Inari Inari is the largest municipality in Finland and there are lots of things to do in this remote region... why not visit a Lappish reindeer breeding farm or cruise on Inari lake, the largest lake in Finland and visit the Lappish sacred island, the Mecca of shamanism? Cultural and pastoral exchanges are waiting for you... We recommend visiting the Siida museum which traces the traditional life and the northern Sami culture.

    Accommodation: Cabin

  • Day 11 Inari / Ivalo / Paris

    Inari / Ivalo / Paris Drive to Ivalo airport to return your car and catch your flight

    Transport: 25 miles (40 km)

This itinerary, including walking distances and times, is indicative and fully flexible.

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Period & budget

When to travel?

The best period for travelling is during the following months:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


Two people: from €1220

The budget is an indication of the price per person, subject to availability. Your local agent will send you a customized quote with the exact price. The price can vary according to availability, level of services, period of travel, number of participants, booking time frame and other items.


  • Comfortable accommodation:a range of options including hotels, hostels and B&Bs
  • Breakfasts
  • Car hire with CDW insurance and unlimited mileage
  • Our detailed guide to the regions specified in the itinerary

Not included

  • Flights
  • Lunches and dinners

Additional Options

  • Reindeer farm visit €30-€40
  • Museum visits: from €9
  • Various optional activities to be confirmed at time of booking


Comfort: 4/5 Comfortable

Well-equipped accommodation options like basic hotels or charming guesthouses are rated 4/5 for comfort. Please note that depending on the destination this does not necessarily guarantee private bathroom and kitchen facilities. This trip uses various accommodation options including hotels, cabins and hostels.

Level: 2/5 Moderate

This is your adventure, you can choose how strenuous or how relaxing each day is. Please note that our difficulty ratings may vary depending on the weather. You should have a sense of adventure and a positive attitude.

A valid drivers license is needed  to hire and drive a car.

International flights

Not included

Terms and conditions


Booking a trip with Norwide implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale. Each customer is required to complete a registration form and, subject to availability at the time of registration, travellers are expected to pay a deposit of 30% of the total price to complete their booking. Payments can be made online or by bank transfer. You will receive an e-mail with your booking confirmation.


Once your booking is confirmed you will receive an invoice by e-mail. The full balance of the trip must be received at least 30 days before your departure date. Norwide reserve the right to cancel your booking, free of charge, if this deadline is not respected.


If for any reason you have to cancel your trip, Norwide require written confirmation of your decision. The money you have paid will then be refunded according to the following deductions:

  • Cancellation received more than 30 days prior to the departure date: a sum of €50 per person will be retained
  • Cancellation received 30 to 21 days before the departure date: your deposit, 30% of the total trip price will be retained
  • Cancellation received 20 to 14 days before the departure date: 50% of the total trip price will be retained
  • Cancellation received 13 to 7 days before the departure date: 75% of the total trip price will be retained
  • Cancellation received less than 7 days before the departure date: 100% of the total trip price will be retained

Special cases:
Please note that, regardless of the date of cancellation or modification if you have agreed to pay for services such as hotel reservations, flights or additional activities, these services are usually non-refundable so additional fees may apply.
  • Fixed airfares: if your airline ticket was issued in advance, often done to avoid significant surcharges, you will be charged 100% of any non-refundable fees if you wish to change or cancel your flight plan.
  • Fixed in-country costs: early charges for firm bookings will be charged if you cancel or modify your trip.
  • Insurance costs: if you have taken out comprehensive or cancellation insurance, the cost of insurance is due and cannot be refunded.

Please note that fees apply according to the date we receive your cancellation or modification request in writing.

If we have to cancel a departure due to an insufficient number of participants, you will be informed no later than 21 days before departure and a full refund will be issued, you will not be entitled to further compensation. We reserve the rights to cancel departures due to exceptional circumstances which may impact the safety of participants. Such circumstances include those amounting to 'force majeure' in which case participants will receive a full refund but they will not be entitled to any compensation.

Modification du contrat

If you wish to make a change to your booking please contact us in writing; you will be expected to pay any fee which might arise from this change. In the event of unforeseen external events, Norwide may change some aspects of the travel contract. If any changes are necessary you will be informed as quickly as possible.

Prix et révision des prix

The prices on our website are updated regularly and all of the prices we advertise are accurate when published. We reserve the rights to make changes to any of these prices. Before you make a booking we will give you the up-to-date price of your chosen holiday including any supplements, upgrades or additional activities you may have requested. If the number of travellers is fewer than the indicated number of participants on the website, a small group surcharge may be applied. For all of our trips we include details of services, prices and what is/is not included but please be aware that changes to the prices may be necessary in accordance with exchange rates or price changes of various components of the journey.

Cession du contrat

If you are unable to travel for any reason, you can transfer your booking to another person in which case our modification conditions apply. Both the transferor and transferee will be jointly and severally liable for payment of the total holiday price and other associated expenses. Some airline carriers treat name changes as cancellations and you may be required to pay for the cost of a new ticket.


Car hire: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance is included in our prices.

Additional Options & Accessories:

  • An additional driver
  • Super Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (SCDW)
  • Sand and Ash Damage Waiver Insurance (SADW)
  • Gravel Protection Insurance (GP)
  • The GP, SADW & SCDW insurance package
  • 4G Wifi
  • A child car seat, various sizes and options available:
  • A booster seat, compulsory for children up to 150cm

It is good to know that normally, CDW & SCDW insurance does not cover damage to tyres, windshields, headlight optics or the vehicle's underbody. Similarly, any damage, including damage to the engine, from gravel or excessive speed is not covered by this insurance. Any damage caused to the vehicle from driving in places where passage is forbidden will not be covered by insurance. Optional accessories like car seats or 4G should be reserved in advance. Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information.

Travel insurance: Not included

Practical info


Armed with an abundance of experience and a wealth of knowledge our professional team know Finland inside out. We are here to ensure you have the best possible trip so ask us anything, we love sharing our local knowledge! Please be aware that this is a non-guided, self-drive trip.


Food is not included, you will be able to purchase food at our hotel restaurant, local stores and other cafes... Our detailed guide which accompanies this trip includes lots of recommendations. Breakfasts are included with most accommodation options.


This trip includes hotel, hostel and cabin accommodation options. Bedding and towels are provided but we recommend bringing a small extra towel to use in the saunas. You will have access to a kitchen.


This trip includes car hire.

Budget & exchange

The currency in Finland is the euro. Please budget for the following:
  • Food, personal expenses and drinks
  • Any additional activities/supplements
  • Petrol


We prefer that you do not wear any cotton clothing, including underwear, when participating in activities. When cotton gets wet from water or sweat it ceases to insulate and it does not dry fast. The best materials for outdoor activities are fast drying materials like polyester or materials which are warm when wet like wool. The most powerful materials against the wind and rain are 'breathable' materials like Gore-Tex or Nikwax.

Our advice for keeping warm

Winter in Finland can be very cold, please think carefully about what clothes you bring, although we will provide warm outer layers, the layers you wear next to your skin make the biggest difference. We recommend:
  • No cotton
  • Bring dry spares of everything, including underwear and gloves
  • Wear multiple layers including:
    1. A warm breathable base layer
    2. A second thermal layer
    3. Wind and waterproof protective out layer (we provide a quality jacket and over trousers for activities)

Helpful equipment

We recommend packing:
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Sunglasses and suncream
  • Swim stuff for saunas and water activities
  • A wind/waterproof jacket with hood

You may also consider packing:
  • A camera (and suitable protective case)
  • Wetwipes
  • Blister plasters
  • Plastic bags for wet/dirty clothing


You may bring a hold bag (up to 20kg) as well as a cabin bag.

For you hold luggage please bring a soft bag like a ruckack rather than a hard cased suitcase because it is more practical. We also recommend that you pack your clothes in plastic bags inside your rucksack so that they stay dry in the event of bad weather.

Do not forget to bring a small rucksack to use as a day bag (25/30L). You can bring this as hand luggage on the plane. You will carry your lunch, water, spare layers and any personal medication with you each day in this bag.


You will need a passport that is valid for at least three months after your return date.


UK passport holders do not require a VISA to visit Finland which part of the Schengen cooperation.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland lists the accepted travel documents and visa requirements for every country.

Mandatory vaccines

There are no specific health risks


Between early June and early August, temperatures reach +20°C (+68°F) in the day and sometimes even +30°C (+86°F) (37°C (98.6°F) in Joensuu in July 2010!).

The summer is relatively warm but also very bright - Finland enjoys long sunny days. In the far north, the sun does not set from mid-May to the end of July. In the center and the south, the summer sun shines for 18 to 20 hours.

The temperature of the lake water is between 18 - 24°C, the waters are shallow and warm up quickly with the long sunny days and the good Finnish summer temperatures. The midnight sun is visible in summer in Lapland and in the regions above the Arctic Circle.


Finland uses the standard Europlug socket with two round prongs (50Hz/230 volts)

Local time

Finland uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)+2 and observes Daylight Saving Time making it GMT+3 during the summer months


Area:+130502 square miles (+338,000 km2) which consists of around 10% water, 69% forest and only 8% cultivated land
Size: It is the seventh largest country in Europe,+720 miles (1160km) North to South and +335 miles (540km) East to West
Borders: Sweden, Norway, Russia and the coast
There are said to be 187888 lakes here in Finland and 179584 islands including a concentration of islands off the South West coast which forms the largest archipelago in Europe.

Sustainable tourism

As adventure and wilderness travel experts who run trips to some of the most remote parts of the world, we take responsible tourism very seriously.

Here in Finland we work in partnership with Metsähallitus to protect Finnish waters and forests - an exclusive agreement which enables us to use the roads of Hossa National Park. Our kennel is cleaned daily and subject to regular veterinary and we work with MyClimate to offset all carbon emissions produced by snowmobiling activities and transfers.

We respect the ‘Leave No Trace’ outdoor ethical code and try to explore this beautiful location whilst causing minimal environmental damage.

The Leave No Trace policy can be summarized in 7 simple steps which we hope you will follow during ourtrip...
  1. Be prepared
  2. Stick to trails and camp overnight right
  3. Stash your trash and pick up waste
  4. Leave it as you find it
  5. Be careful with fire
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors

Over the years we have built up good relations with our local suppliers and we are keen to support local businesses as much as possible. We are a small company and we pay our local partners and suppliers directly insuring fair rates. Our small group sizes not only provide a more intimate adventure but also cause less impact on the environment and local communities.

We expect all who travel with us to support and uphold our Sustainable Tourism philosophies.

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Discovery Self-guided Summer
11 days
From €1,240


  • With your own vehicle at your disposal you are free to explore this region as you wish
  • Our staff are experts on everything Finland, their knowledge and our detailed guide to the different regions will ensure you get the most from this adventure
  • A fully flexible itinerary with lots of outdoor activity options

Required level

This is your adventure, you can choose how strenuous or how relaxing each day is. 
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