Our basecamp is located in the heart of Hossa National Park in the Finnish Kainuu region, latitude 65 ° North. 'Hossa' means 'a distant place' in the Sami language (Huossa).

Characterized by its many lakes, rivers and canyons, the park is now well known throughout Finland. The beautiful scenery has a rich history: the Värikallio site is particularly special as it shows stone age cave paintings dating from 3500 to 4000 BC - the forests here have been incredibly well preserved.

In 1979 an official hiking area was created here and now over 50 miles (+90km) of trails are well maintained each year.  Fishing, hunting, skiing and dog sledding are other popular activities. At the corner of a lake or trail, it is not uncommon to see trappers huts, formerly used by reindeer herders, they are now used as accommodation by travelers.