Between culture and nature in South Finland

Discover the wealth of southern parts of Finland between sea landscapes, historic towns and luxuriant nature in the boreal taiga. After visiting the Finnish capital, immerse yourself in the heart of history by taking the road to the west by the coast. You will discover a rich cultural heritage attested by churches, castles and fortresses. After a bath of culture, take a bath of nature across the Great Lakes region. End your stay in a typical cottage at a lake to enjoy the good Finnish life.



    PARIS - HELSINKI Arrival at Helsinki airport, a rental car is waiting for you. Spend the evening at leisure. Helsinki, also called the daughter of the Baltic by finnish people is located in a beautiful environment surrounded by nature and rocked by the breeze of the Gulf of Finland. It is a dynamic city, clean, with impressive architecture, with vegetation. The atmosphere that prevails in this city reveals you its charm.

    Accommodation : Hotel in city-center, twin room

  • Jour 2 Helsinki / Ekenäs/ Hankö / Mathildedal

    Helsinki / Ekenäs/ Hankö / Mathildedal Today, drive on the King’s road to get to Hanko: This road was formerly used by kings and merchants who were traveling between Norway and Russia. This road remains strongly marked by the history of a country located at the crossroads between East and West. Make a detour to Ekenäs and go walking in the old town, there you will also have the oportunity to admire the archipelago of 1,300 islands that surrounds the city. You will arrive on the peninsula where you can enjoy the Finnish coast. By late afternoon, drive to Mathildedal where you can unpacked for two nights.

    Accommodation : B&B, twin room
    Transport : 200km

  • Jour 3 Teijo National park

    Teijo National park Enjoy the surrounding nature, do not hesitate to rent a boat with motor, a fishing rod or a bike! It is possible to organize boat trips to the islands. In Mathildedal, you are at the edge of Teijo National Park. Inhale deeply and hike on the colored paths of wild berries and mushrooms.

    Accommodation : B&B, twin room

  • Jour 4 Turku, former Finnish capital

    Turku, former Finnish capital Take the road and go through the Halikko bay that immerses you into the atmosphere of a Norwegian fjord. Discover the surroundings of Turku and enjoy the bird life of its 20 000 islands. Maybe you will observe guillemots, eiders, terns or gulls nesting in the area in summer. You can take the "road of the archipelago tour ': 250 kms through the islands where people speak Swedish and Finnish. This archipelago is inhabited for centuries by fishermen, lighthouse keepers and tags, sailors, there were even once smugglers. You will discover beautiful natural landscapes, some islands are only rocks covered with shrubs and lichens. Life is punctuated by the passage of postal ships, water taxis and shuttles that bring food. For the sportsmen, there is the possibility to rent kayaks to visit from the sea this beautiful place. For the contemplatives, many museums worth visiting in particular those in ancient sailboats.

    Accommodation : Villa in the area/ twin hotel room
    Transport : 145 kms

  • Jour 5 Go to the heart of nature

    Go to the heart of nature Before going a bit further in the lands, have a stop at the small port of Naantali to stroll in the old charming city. Walk along the coastline up to Rauma and its old city on the UNESCO heritage. Take the road again for some time and admire the wonders of the Finnish parks: forests, lakes and rivers in serenity. Traditional saunas is also part of this magic scenery.

    Accommodation : Cabins for 2 or cabins for 4 (2 twin rooms)
    Transport : 300 kms

  • Jour 6 Finnish art of living

    Finnish art of living Wish to try Finnish art of living? So rent fishing equipment and enjoy the tranquility of the lakes to catch a pike on your boat before taking a sauna. If you want large spaces, two national parks open to you: Helvetinjärvi and Seitseminen national park, do not hesitate!

  • Jour 7 Tampere

    Tampere After a nice break in the forest, drive to Tampere, a surprising city. Then take the road to the south to Akaa for a final stop in a charming B & B

    Accommodation : B&B, twin room
    Transport : 115 kms

  • Jour 8 Flight back home

    Flight back home Drive to Helsinki airport. Returning your rental car and take your flight back to Paris.

    Transport : 140 kms

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