Taïga dream

Come experience an exceptional dog sledding trip  across the beautiful frozen Taïga in the Hossa national park.

This is a protected area, away from mass tourism. You will drive your sled alone and will travel up to 25-40 km per day.
After a day learning the basic of dog sledding, you will start a 5-day expedition away from civilization. You will discover the life of our huskies pack, you will learn how to feed, lead and take care of them.
The easy pace allows you to watch, admire and photograph the wild nature of the North. A wonderful trip that always delights all participants...


  • Day 1 Journey and welcoming dinner

    Journey and welcoming dinner Transfer by bus or by car to Hossa (about 1 hour), at the park's gate.
    Settle down in your log cottage or in your hotel room.
    First night, our guides greet you at the restaurant upon a welcoming dinner.

    Accommodation: Cottage or lodge

  • Day 2 Dogsledding initiation

    Dogsledding initiation First meeting with the dogs, each one leads a team of 4 to 5 dogs for adults and 2 to 3 dogs for children.
    Then we leave for about 25 km. In order to practice the activity gradually, we will start on frozen lakes and we will give each participant more and more confidence into his dog team.
    Then the trail will go into deeper forest and sometimes more technical.

    By the end of the day, back to the hotel.

    Accommodation: Cottage or lodge

  • Day 3 Dogsledding Safari

    Dogsledding Safari Forward! Here we go for the beginning of the expedition!
    Heading south, the dogs run through the taiga. We cross alternatively lakes, swamp and of course forests. For this day we drive along the Russian border to arrive at our first camp.
    There, after having installed our dogs we will enjoy our first dinner over a wood fire.

    Practice time: 4 to 5 hours - Accommodation: log cabin

  • Day 4 Dogsledding Safari

    Dogsledding Safari This time we leave back to the north and get away from our Russian friends. We pass through various reserves where migratory birds flock the summer.
    We return to the Hossa national park and his network of frozen lakes. There, we set up our camp and spend the night by the fire.

    Accommodation: log cabin

  • Day 5 Dogsledding Safari

    Dogsledding Safari We keep going, pushing us further and further into the Hossa national park .
    As we move away from civilization a certain complicity begins with our huskies team.
    Sunlights illuminates snowy spruces around us. We reach our bivouac, where after enjoying the warmth of the traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna, we will enjoy the freshness of the frozen lakes water.

    Accommodation: log cabin

  • Day 6 Dogsledding Safari

    Dogsledding Safari Heading north! We start in the morning through dense primary forests, where we can see many traces of animals that have found refuge there. Today we will discovery of the famous Canyon Lake Julma Ölkky.
    It is surrounded by his cliffs that we will sledd to his end. At the heart of this universe you live without a doubt one of the most mythical moments of this canine travel.

    Accommodation: Trapper cabin

  • Day 7 Dogsledding Safari

    Dogsledding Safari For the fifth and final day of the raid, we will take you through the long diagonal of Hossa national Park and rediscover all the landscapes that compose it. Lakes, snow-covered hills, swamp and of course the frozen forest. After all that time spent at their side, we take the opportunity to spend some special moments with our faithful companions. For dinner we have a traditional Lappish meal: Käristus, or reindeer stew with cranberries.

    Accommodation: Cottage or hotel

  • Day 8 Transfer

    Transfer Transfer to Kuusamo airport

Dates & prices

Departures for French-speaking groups:

From To Price per person Guaranteed Booking
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€2,130 No Book now!
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€1,960 No Book now!
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€1,960 No Book now!

Departures for English-speaking groups:

From To Price per person Guaranteed Booking
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€1,910 No Book now!
€2,130 No Book now!
€2,130 No Book now!
€2,130 No Book now!
€2,130 No Book now!
€1,960 No Book now!
€1,960 No Book now!
€1,960 No Book now!
€1,960 No Book now!

Trip code: C1



  • Airport transfers from/to Kuusamo airport
  • Accomodation: 3 nights in lodge and 4 nights in cabins
  • Full board from D1 dinner to D8 breakfast
  • Luggage transport
  • Activities supervised by professional guides  
  • Equipment: the lending of a  sleeping bag for the nights spent in cabin, a pair winter boots,  parka for dog-sledding.
  • Deposit to be paid on site. 


  • Flights to get to Kuusamo  
  • Extra transfers for arrival in another aiport
  • The reindeer farm visit (10€)
  • Children discount (contact us)
  • Your insurance (cancellation and repatrition): we do not offer insurance. We strongly advise to take out such insurance and bring your documents with you when travelling


Single room at the hotel: 190 euros pp.


  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks
  • Rental of some technical gear
  • Deposit for material and provided equipment: 50 euros for the boots, 50 euros for the overall, 50 euros for the sleeping bag

Practical info


Activities supervised by artic specialist and English speaking guides. Ask for the availability of a guide who can speak your own language!


Finland is not a land of gastronomy, even though some specialties are delicious! Because of weather conditions and our isolated location, fresh products are quite rare. During your stay we will offer you simple dishes which will fit your energetic needs. You will also have the opportunity to taste some Finnish specialties such as marinated or grilled salmon, salmon soup, reindeer stew or traditional cakes. A generous buffet breakfast will be served at the hotel restaurant, as well as dinners when you sleep at the hotel.

For the activity days :
  • For lunch, you will enjoy a picnic with wood-fire grilled food
  • For your nights in trapper cabin you will prepare and share a dinner together with your guide 


Our basecamp is located in the heart of Hossa Park, 85km away from any village or shop. Our conception of tourisme has nothing to do with mass tourism hubs like Rovaniemi, Ivalo or Kittila. No Santa Claus Village with us! There are 30 inhabitants around Hossa and most of them are reindeer farmers. Indeed, there are more bears living up there than inhabitants! We are living there in autonomy and are working in deep cooperation with the National Forrest Service which runs Hossa national Park development. During your stay, you will not have many opportunities to meet local people since there are very few of them. You might meet some ice fishers or Nordic skiers.

During your stay, you will be accommodated for 3 nights in our  lodge or cottages and for 4 nights in a trapper cabin:

- lodge and Cottages : Our hotel is ideally located beside a conserved lake. The hotel has 25 rooms (single, double and triple). All rooms are equiped with a private bathroom with shower, practical storage units.  Bed linens and towels are provided by Norwide. Nearby your room, you have free access to our sauna. After an energetic sport day, you will enjoy relaxing in this wooden piece of peace !

- Here is another accommodation option: the cottages (on request, subject to availability) :
  • The « Classical » cottage, with an only room with living room/kitchen, twin or bunked beds, private bathroom and sauna
  • The « Premium » cottage, with a separated room with double bed, living room, kitchen, private bathroom and sauna

Bed linens and towels are provided by Norwide.

These are log cabins just like mountain refuges. The comfort is basic. These accommodations consist of a single dormitory or a room for 4 to 6 people with one main living room. There is no running water or electricity. The room is heated by a wood-stove. Despite cold weather outside, the room is quickly warmed up by the stove and we easily get to fine temperatures inside. There are dry toilets outside. The cabins are all equipped with a traditional sauna. They are full of charm and that’s why we love them!


- 6 dogsledding days, solo driving: 1 person on each sled:
The form of travel used for these 4 days is dogsled: 2 different safaris which both last 2 days. The activity is led by specialized mushers, in a progressive way : the first safari will make you trust your dogteam and gain self-assurance, and the second safari will bring you great pleasure and bond with your dogs. Your dog team is composed with 3 to 6 dogs.
Group size: up to 5 persons

Vital equipment

  • High protection sunglasses
  • Mask
  • Personal medicine kit
  • Sun-cream (from the end of February)
  • Vaseline or waterfree mosturising cream
  • A headlamp
  • A thermos, in order to always have some hot beverage with you while practicing the activities. For lunch, the guide will provide you with hot beverages.

  • Boots (type SOREL) are issued on arrival and are yours throughout the week
  • For snowmobile safaris : overalls and helmet
  • For dogsledge safaris : winter jacket for extreme cold and leather mittens
  • For each bivouac night spent in a trapper cabin: sleeping bag

Helpful equipment

« The three layer system » :
Extreme conditions need extrem level of protection. For your clothing, the multilayer method is the best. You will have to wear several layers of clothing. The closest layers to your body let it sweat easily. The other layers keep your body warm and protect it from extreme weather conditions.
- Base / Inner Layer Close-fitting articles of clothing:  polypropylene, polyester, capilene, wool or silk baselayer thermals. .
- Insulating / Middle Layer Warm pull-over or fleece jacket. .
- Shell / Outer Layer Goretex, or a comparable ski jacket is strongly recommended for this layer for its excellent water and wind resistant properties.

You will need the following:
  • Waterproof shoes, winter hiking shoes, sports shoes or snow boots (for evening wear)
  • Woolen socks
  • Warm winter jacket (ski jacket or down jacket
  • Ski trousers or ski overalls
  • Warm pull-overs or fleece jackets
  • Warm baselayer thermals : very important.  Thin technical fibers as Carline or Polartec are extremely efficient.
  • Expedition waterproof mitten/gloves and fitted silk gloves
  • Woolen hat
  • Hool, Balaclava
  • Scarf
  • Swimming suit (sauna)
  • Microfiber towel (sauna)

Personal effects that you must bring with you:
  • A sleeping bag linr for each overnight in trapper cabin (it goes into the sleeping bag that we lend you, for hygienic reasons)
  • Your driving licence (compulsory when you drive a snowmobile)
  • A credit card : we make a copy of it that is used as a deposit for all the equipment provided 


Your belongings must be distributed into 2 bags :
1- A suitcase or flexible travelling bag (max. 20kg)
2- A backpack (30 to 40L) for your usual belongings that you will bring with you while practicing the activities


My local agent

  • Expert on the destination
  • Loves outdoor sports
  • Speaks English
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Dog sledding Winter
8 days
2 to 8 people
From €1,910
French / English


  • Driving a sled by yourself
  • 5 days expedition in autonomy
  • Unique moments you'll never forget

Guide's advice

Come experience an exceptional trip by dog sled across the beautiful frozen landscape in the heart of the regional park of Hossa.

This is a protected area, away from mass tourism. You will drive your sled alone and will travel up to 25-40 km per day. After a day of initiation, you will start a 5-day raid away from civilization. You will discover the life of our dog pack, you will learn how to feed, lead and take care of them.
The easy pace allows you to watch, admire and photograph the wild nature of the North.
A classic that always delights all participants...

Required level

This is a trip in harmony with nature, where you are active: a must-do for all wilderness and animals lovers!

No need to be a top athlete but a good physical condition and a regular sports practice are required. If you want to enjoy this trip, you need to be motivated, to be keen of outdoor life and to have a good contact with animals. Even if it is not essential to have a previous experience in dogsledding, this is preferable. If you are a beginner, you must evaluate your ability to adapt to weather conditions and to animals. We offer here real sports activities (between 5 to 6 hours a day), in a natural surrounding with three nights in a rustic but convivial cabin. The trip will take place on a Great North remote land.

This non-sanitized field of adventure will require from you certain adaptability to land and weather conditions which can vary quite fast. This is a participative trip, meaning that you will be introduced to how to prepare your dog team and lead them on the sledge and during the hikes. During the raid, the group will help the guide to make the meals, chop wood, fetch water, take care of the dogs …

You will generally participate in the everyday group life. Children from 14 years old can take part in this trip, provided that the child is sporty and is used to practicing outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing, sailing) and to resist to tough weather conditions. If not, we recommend you to choose a family-trip. The trip selection is very important for a full enjoyment on site. We recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a wild adventure in the Great North, far away from luxury and crowds, and in total harmony with dogs!
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