Crossing of Northern Finland

This trip will immerse you in the Heart of Eastern Finland and Lapland. From Kaajani to Inari, you will discover a wild and preserved nature between forests, hills and lakes along the russian border. A trip for open spaces, tranquility and authenticity lovers, At every step, activities or relaxing will be possible. Between sauna and bath in lakes under the midnight sun, you will have the opportunity to canoeing, fishing, hiking and watching arctics animals. The accommodation in cabins or hostels will allow you to live your hollidays in the finnish way !


  • Day 1 Paris / Kajaani

    Paris / Kajaani Flight from Paris through Helsinki to Kaajani. At your arrival, a renting car is waiting for you.
    Drive to Kuhmo to reach your accommodation.

    Accommodation : Hostel
    Transport : 100km

  • Day 2 Kuhmo

    Kuhmo These 2 days will be dedicated to visiting the area or you will also have the opportunity to try some local activities such as hiking, canoeing, cultural or natural visits…
    The hotel has a spa where you can relaxing and enjoying sauna or jacuzzi.

    Accommodation : Hostel

  • Day 3 Kuhmo

    Kuhmo These 2 days will be dedicated to visiting the area or you will also have the opportunity to try some local activities such as hiking, canoeing, cultural or natural visits…
    The hotel has a spa where you can relaxing and enjoying sauna or jacuzzi.

    Accommodation : Hostel

  • Day 4 Kuhmo / Oulanka

    Kuhmo / Oulanka Today, board your car and drive north. On the road you will see Ruka, a famous ski station in Finland and where skiing jumping is an activity well reknown. Follow up the road to the Oulanka National park known for its canyon, its rivers, its supensions bridges and its hikings trails that are crossing the whole park : the Karrunkierros or also named the bear trek. You will settle in this area for a few days.

    Accommodation : Hostel
    Transport : 230km

  • Day 5 Oulanka

    Oulanka Enjoy the rivers, the canyons, the suspensions bridges during your hikes, in rafting or by climbing !

    Accommodation : Hostel

  • Day 6 Oulanka

    Oulanka In Oulanka park and its surroundings you have many activities possible. You can find rapids from class 1 to 4 which allow to everyone to try rafting.

    If you want you can also rent canoe and Kayaks.

    Accommodation : Hostel

  • Day 7 Oulanka / Sodankyla

    Oulanka / Sodankyla You will continue your journey to the north and cross this day the Arctic circle. The Sodankyla region is a bit hilly, but the altitude do not exceed 400 meters high, the exception is Mount Luosto, a protected area located in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

    Accommodation : Cabin
    Transport : 330 km

  • Day 8 Sodankyla

    Sodankyla Sodankyla is a peaceful place where you can do different activities such as hiking, fishing, mountain biking or bird watching and canoeing.

    Accommodation : Cabin

  • Day 9 Sodankyla / Inari

    Sodankyla / Inari Last step north direction. You will discover a hillier region with some summits exceeding 700 meters high.
    Before arriving in Inari, you will go to Saariselka that is a dynamic village that offers a large panel of services. This station is surrounded by Urho Kekkonen National parc. The national park many opportunities for discovering the arctic nature.

    Accommodation : Cabin
    Transport : 200 km

  • Day 10 Inari

    Inari You will have the possibility to visit a Lappish farm that is a reindeer breeding (between 30€ and 40€). Cultural and pastoral exchanges will be waiting for you.
    You will also have the opportunity to go on a cruise on the Inari lake, the biggest lake of whole Finland, to the Lappish sacred island, the Mecca of shamanism.
    We advise you to visit the Siida museum that traces the traditional life and the northern men culture: the Sami.

    Accommodation : Cabin

  • Day 11 Inari / Ivalo / Paris

    Inari / Ivalo / Paris Drive to Ivalo airport. Returning your rental car and take your flight back to Paris.

    Transport : 40 km

Period & budget

When to travel?

The best period for travelling is during the following months:

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Practical info


The accommodation is either in hotels, B&B and cabin. The cabins always provides those different facilities : bathroom with toilets, and a small kitchen. Bed linen are also provided.

Vital equipment

  • High protection sun glasses
  • A kit of personal pharmacy
  • A headlamp with spare batteries and bulbs (from August)
  • A knife
  • Toilet paper + lighter
  • Sunscreen (face and lips)
  • A flask of 1 liter minimum, light and isothermal
  • Plastic bags for sealing the your belongings or a waterproof bag
  • A sleeping bag linr for each overnight in tents
  • Anti mosquitos spray and soothing cream
  • A Notepad
  • A camera
  • Anti mosquitos net.

Helpful equipment

The clothes from head to toe:
  • A pair of walking shoes. They must join three qualities: solidity, held ankles and impermeability. Choose shoes with nonskid soles, with cleats and relatively rigid, although they must cling to field
  • A pair of rubber boots or neoprene booties to cross rivers
  • Pairs of wool socks
  • Mountain jacket or a good waterproof jacket
  • A down jacket (optional) The most efficient jackets against the wind and rain are Gore-tex or Micropore,"breathable" matter which allows fast wicking away of respiration
  • Warm sweater or polar fleece. The latter has the advantage of being resistant, warm, lightweight, quick-drying with a soft touch. Most appropriate, well known to mountaineers are Polartec, Carline and Ulfrotté fibers.
  • Warm wool shirt or carline
  • Underwear top and bottom. This is the first insulation you have, take care of it. Fine technical fibers such as Carline or Polartec are very efficient, warm, soft, comfortable and light. They dry very quickly.
  • Waterproof trek pants
  • A swimsuit
  • A hat or cap
  • A hike short
  • T-shirts: avoid cotton and favor breathable and technical matters which dries quickly.
  • Under sweater
  • Polar fleece
  • A towel for sauna
  • Outerwear at night
  • A pair of gloves or glove liners and wool cap
  • Slippers or sneakers for the cottage 


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