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Why should you choose Norwide?

4 good reasons to travel with Norwide for an unforgettable trip

Who are we?

Our human size Finnish company offers adventure trips in all safety.

We apply our experience and expertise on this particular area to create multi-activity trips, as well as more specialized trips with dogsledding, canoeing, hinking, skiing or snowshoeing in the heart of a preserved wilderness.
Who are we?
Norwide spirit

Norwide spirit

Norwide is a Finnish travel agency located in the heart of the natural park of Hossa. We organize trips and holidays adventures in  small groups or independent travel. Our human structure is composed of twenty passionate experts and professional tour leaders of the Arctic world.

We share with you our knowledge and our expertise of the field to make you live "wilderness" and authentic experiences: dog sledding, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, canoeing, hiking ... through all the seasons.

Norwide is comitted to these 4 points :

1. Environmental protection

We work in partnership with the body of water and Finnish forests, "Metsähallitus." Our exclusive agreement enables us to use the roads of the natural park of Hossa. We provide a very special respect to the environment and the park. If we want to welcome you and share with you the magic of the place, it is our duty to preserve this environment. Thus, we apply a policy of "Leave No Trace" and recover all waste after each camp, picnic ... Our kennel is cleaned daily and subject to veterinary inspection.

2. The quality of our trips

We offer trips in small groups (no more than 12 people). Sometimes we prefer to refuse people to ensure the quality of services and to preserve the integrity of the more remote places that we visit. Ours are nature trips: we use 'nature' accommodation where comfort is simple but adequate. Our tour leaders are professional and experienced. We lend technical equipment and we guarantee your safety. Each year we review our routes and take into account your comments and suggestions.

3. Fair prices

Prices are tailored to our quality criteria. Departures are guaranteed from 3 or 4 participants at no extra cost (excluding specific request). Onsite no surprises with unexpected expenses, our trips details are updated regularly and what is included or not is clearly explained. 

4. A team at your service

We live in Finland, so we are really experts to advise you and give you the right information. We will meet you with pleasure ! The website allows you to select and book your trip easily.